Student Life


Redfield College offers an extensive co-curricular program.

  • Junior Voices
  • Primary Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Schola (Gregorian Choir)
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Mock Trial Competition
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • ISA Cricket
  • Chess Club
  • Intramural Chess
  • ISA Basketball
  • ISA Football
  • ISA Rugby
  • Intramural Basketball
  • Intramural Football
  • Intramural Cricket
  • Intramural Touch Football

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Redfield offers The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award as an opportunity for our students to experience a broader education outside of the classroom, venture out of their comfort zones and become better, confident young men.

Aligned with our mission to grow our students in character, The Duke of Edinburgh Award encourages independence, sound decision-making, a community-minded perspective, and service to others.

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Participating in The Duke of Edinburgh Award, an internationally recognised program, is also held in high esteem on resumes by future employers.

This program allows our students to:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Improve their physical wellbeing
  • Volunteer in their community
  • Experience a team adventure

Redfield’s registered Award leaders are Ian Morrison and Oliver Foxe and they are here to support each student's growth and sense of adventure!

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Redfield has frequently hosted visits from, and sent students to, Mikawadai College in Nagasaki, Japan, and three schools in Spain: Colegio Viaro in Barcelona, Colegio Gaztelueta in Bilbao and Colegio Los Robles in Oviedo. In recent years boys from Monte VI in Montevideo Uruguay and Colegio Penalba in Valladolid have also visited each year as well as a class of students from Tak Sun College in Hong Kong. Boys are billeted with families.

Since 1989 Japanese students have been hosted at Redfield in class groups. Their stays, usually in late July to early August, are limited to a fortnight during which time Redfield organizes a welcome concert, some special classes and activities, and a camp with Year 8.

In recent years small groups of Redfield students from Year 9 and 10 travel to Europe, Asia and South America for a period of 6 or 7 weeks. The aim of the trips to Spanish speaking countries is to increase the boys’ facility with the Spanish language, enable them to experience a culture that has similarities to our own but very big differences also. It is also a chance to experience another Christian culture. The boys are typically billeted with families having boys in schools our boys attend while on exchange. At the end of the stay in Spain the boys travel as a group to Rome and spend a week there at the heart of Catholicism and western civilization. Participants of the Asian Study Tour typically spend a month in each of Nagasaki and Hong Kong, attending Seido-Mikawadai Middle Boys School and Tak-Sun College.

The Redfield College Music Tuition Program is organised by the Music Tuition Coordinator.

The Redfield College Music Tuition Program presents a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their musical development. Tuition is available for students of all ages and abilities, from beginners through to HSC level, as well as for those involved in the College ensembles.

Our professional and experienced teachers offer one-to-one tuition for the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Guitar and Bass Guitar
  • Drums and Percussion

Redfield College co-curricular activities are organised by the Head of Co-Curricular.

Sport at Redfield

At Redfield College, we believe that sports are more than just games; they are a crucial for character development and a testament to the virtues of teamwork, leadership, and resilience. We designed our sports program to instill these virtues in every student, both on and off the field.

We are committed to nurturing not only athletes but also exemplary individuals. Through our sports program, students learn valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the playing field, preparing them for success in all facets of life. We strive for excellence, infusing our program with the spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of greatness.


Sports at Redfield serve as a platform for holistic growth, where the physical, social, and psychological demands of athletic endeavours instill virtues such as camaraderie, resilience, and responsibility. We encourage all our students to participate in at least one sports team annually, fostering dedication to training and team spirit.

Central to our sports program is the collaborative partnership between educators, parents, and students. Through their collective efforts to support teams, our community strengthens bonds and fosters an environment of mutual respect and encouragement. Parents are welcome to attend games, providing assistance and support in various capacities.

Our mentorship system ensures that students receive and understand effective feedback from coaches and teachers, facilitating their growth both as athletes and individuals. This personalised guidance enhances skill development and instills a sense of accountability and self-improvement on and off the sporting field.

Redfield provides an array of sporting disciplines, including basketball, football, rugby, cricket, futsal, and volleyball. Students engage in midweek competitions in collaboration with the Hills Zone Sports Association, alongside intraschool tournaments aimed at igniting house pride and nurturing a culture of camaraderie through friendly competition.

For those aspiring to reach greater heights, representative pathways to NSW and Australian Schoolboy teams are available through associations such as IPSHA, ISA, and CIS, paving the way for students to pursue their sporting goals at advanced levels.

The pride in representing Redfield College extends far beyond graduation. Many of our alumni return to join the Old Boys Teams, perpetuating their legacy and maintaining their unwavering commitment to our college community.

With Clipboard, our dedicated scheduling and communication tool, parents and students remain effortlessly connected to every aspect of their sporting journey. Real-time updates, attendance management, and seamless communication ensure that every detail is understood and achievements are celebrated.

Sporting Clubs


Boys are encouraged to nominate a summer or winter sport, or both if possible, unless exempt for medical reasons or reasons made known to and approved by the Director of Sport.

All choices involve at least one training per week and a weekend commitment.

First teams in most sports, train during holidays. Exact dates and times are organised by the coaches or teachers in charge and the boys are informed well ahead of time.

A number of sports offer opportunities to gain refereeing qualifications.

  • Rugby ( - Boys study the laws of the game, are trained, sit for examinations and are appointed to local and school games.
  • Football ( - Boys have the opportunity to gain qualifications and referee local and school games.
  • Basketball ( - Boys are trained, sit for examinations and are appointed to local and school games.