Enrolment Policy


This policy outlines the enrolment requirements and process for Redfield College (“the School”).

Through the application process, the School endeavours to select prospective families who:

  1. Are aligned with the philosophy and values of Redfield College
  2. Are seeking a collaborative approach between home and school in the education of their children
  3. Are committed to the regular attendance at meetings with their child/children’s mentor, the Key Parent Functions, and any other events requiring attendance of parents

Key Entry Points

The School accepts applications from students in all grades, however, the key entry points are:

Redfield College

  • Year 2 (boys transferring from Tangara)
  • Year 5
  • Year 7

* Year 5 is a key entry point as many families use it as a pathway to secure a place in Year 7.

Summary of Enrolment Procedures

The Enrolment Procedures are detailed in full in the Enrolments Standard Operating Procedures Manual. However, a summary has been included as a reference point for the guidelines included in this policy.

The Enrolment Process takes part in 5 key stages:

1. Enquiry

Parents who are interested in the School register their interest via an enquiry form to initiate the conversation with the School Enrolments Officer. From there, they are invited to attend the next Open Day, School Tour, or Information Evening before they are invited to apply. This is a requirement before they are invited to apply for enrolment.

2. Application

The Application Form must be completed (in full), all required documentation attached, and non-refundable application fee paid to commence the admission process.

While a formal application is a pre-requisite, it is not a guarantee of admission.

3. Interview and Evaluation

Parents are interviewed by two members of the Interviewing Committee. For Year 2 to Year 12 applications, both parents and the child must be interviewed. For current PARED families, the interview must be attended by at least one parent and the child.

Students transferring to Redfield from the Tangara Infants campus are not interviewed again before they transition into Redfield as they were interviewed upon their entry into infants. They’ll be guided through an orientation process as they transition from Year 1 to Year 2.

The following documents must be submitted by the family before the interview:

*Birth Certificate, Immunisation Record, NAPLAN Report, Latest School Report, a photograph, and a complete Application Form with Application Fee paid*

After the interview, the reference check is conducted before the interview report is submitted to the Headmaster/Enrolments Committee for final review.

4. Enrolment Offer & Acceptance

The Enrolments Officer sends an email to the parents about the application result (either Letter of Offer or notification of unsuccessful application).  The Letter of Offer includes links to the Medical Form, Privacy Collection Form and Direct Debit Form.

The Letter of Offer is sent to both parents via the enrolment platform. To accept the enrolment, both parents are required to sign the Letter of Offer and the non-refundable acceptance fee must be paid. The School is not obliged to hold places until the acceptance fee has been paid.

With the acceptance forms, parents are required to complete several school forms, including the ‘Confidential Collection of Student Data Form’ and Privacy Policy.  If a parent or guardian withholds information relevant to the application/enrolment process, then the Headmaster reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment on that ground.

After the Enrolments Officer has received an acceptance of offer by both parents, a final confirmation is sent to the parents that all requirements have been met for the enrolment.

Upholding the conditions of the enrolment contract and conditions set out in the Letter of Offer are the requirements for continuing enrolment at the School.

5. Orientation

The Enrolments Officer sends welcome letters and packs as part of the Orientation of the Students. Information on uniforms, books and stationery, house, additional handbooks etc. are also communicated prior to the students’ first day of school.

Enrolled students are allocated to classes according to a combination of class size and student needs.

Enrolment Guidelines

Enrolment Eligibility

  1. Applications for enrolment may be made at any time by the parent/carer(s) of prospective students. However, should this time be greater than 2 years from the commencement year or if there are no places available in the cohort for which entry is sought, applicants will be held on a waitlist before progressing through the interview process.
  2. Students enrolling at school for Kindergarten at Tangara will be five years of age on or before 31 May and four years of age before 31 March for Prep School.

Offering Enrolment

The Headmaster, in consultation with the School Committee, reserves the right to offer a place to any student, irrespective of the date of application.

The School has absolute discretion in determining the weight of each of the factors it considers in determining whether to offer a place for the student.

Applications are processed in order of receipt; however, enrolment priority is given to:

The Family Relationship with the School

a. Siblings of current PARED families (siblings already enrolled at a PARED School)

b. Children of Alumni from a PARED School

c. Children of Staff Members

The Family’s alignment with the School Values

d. Students from families practicing the Catholic faith

e. Character feedback on the Family from the Referees

The Student’s

f. Academic ability

g. Character feedback on the Student from the Teachers of the previous school (if applicable)

The School’s

h. Ability to support the special needs or abilities of the student

i. The balance of numbers of boys and girls is taken into account in order to ensure that students offered a place in Infants also have a place in Primary onwards (for Prep, Kindergarten and Year 1 only)

Accepting Students from Other Faith Backgrounds

The School may accept students from other faith backgrounds when:

a. There is alignment of values between the School and prospective family

b. The parents are in agreement that the student will participate in Religious education classes, and faith-based activities of the School

Parent Conduct

The School reserves the right to withhold an invitation to apply or to progress further in the application process should any aggressive/abusive behaviour be shown to the Enrolment Officers, interviewers or any members of staff.

Enrolment Process for Prospective Students with a Disability

The same enrolment process and guidelines will apply to all prospective students and their families regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Primarily, the alignment of values and education philosophy between the School and the prospective family is key to a successful application.

When assessing an application for a student with a disability, the School needs to gather information to help identify the student’s individual needs and consult health professionals and parents/carers to fully understand any adjustments needed to support those needs. This stage ensures that parents, carers, health professionals and the School are all on the same page, understanding the needs of the student and how to reach the best outcome for them.

This process also ensures that the School meets their consultation obligations under The Disability Standards for Education 2005 by obtaining written permission from parents/carers for the School to gather information about the needs of the student from a previous school or childcare setting as well as from health professionals.

The School reserves the discretion to decline or defer an application when the parents, having been aware of their child’s specific needs, fail to declare those needs or withhold relevant information pertaining to their child. This includes the submission of official documents relating to a diagnosis, any previous work with specialists or previous schools, and any other documentation required to make an assessment about whether or not the School will be able to support the student’s needs.

The School also reserves the right to terminate an enrolment where the parents have not declared or have withheld known information pertaining to their child’s needs.

Enrolling a Student on a Visa

When the School is considering an application from a student on a visa, it is essential that the correct checks are made to ensure it is appropriate to continue their enrolment process. Student visas hold conditions that may or may not allow a student, or a parent and their dependent, to be received at our School or may impact their status as being eligible for funding from the Commonwealth.

Redfield College is not a CRICOS-registered school.

CRICOS refers to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. The School is not a member of this Register, meaning students who are primary holders of a sub-class visa cannot move to Sydney to attend the School. Therefore, the School has decided not to engage in any advertisement opportunities overseas.

The School can accept students who hold visas that do not subject them to CRICOS-registered schools, and their eligibility can be checked by the Enrolments Officer through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO).

Conditions for Continued Enrolment

Continued enrolment at the School is dependent upon:

  1. The student making satisfactory academic progress
  2. The student attending school consistently and approvals sought to justify any inconsistent attendance as per government regulations in Sections 22, 24 and 25 of the Education Act 1990.
  3. The student and the parent/carer(s) observing all behavioural codes of conduct and other requirements of the School which are applicable from time to time.
  4. Payment of fees

Deferred Start Dates

Offers are sent taking into account the start Term and Year a prospective family has applied for. Therefore, any families who have been offered a place but choose to defer their start date may forfeit their place if they do not accept based on the original application date.

In rare instances, a deferred start date may be accepted if there is no present waiting list for that cohort and there is no likelihood of filling all available places before the start of the next term/school year.


Throughout the Enrolment process and during a student’s enrolment there are certain fees to be paid. The fees are outlined below:

  1. Application Fee: a processing fee and a sign of commitment from the family.
  2. Enrolment Fee: a “holding fee” and indicates a family’s commitment to the School that they intend to follow through with enrolment, and they want to reserve their child’s place, meaning the School forgoes another enrolment.
  3. Tuition Fees: ongoing annual fees for a student’s education are paid each term.
  4. Levies: such as the “Annual Family Building Levy” and the “Annual Curriculum and Technology Levy (CTL)”.
  5. Extra-curricular Activities: for additional activities such as music, sport, excursions etc.

Returning Families

Any families which have left the School and are returning are required to pay the application and enrolment fees in full as they are re-applying for entry and for a place to be held for the Term and Year of Entry. They will also need to be interviewed again.

Withdrawing an Enrolment

As stated in the Letter of Offer upon enrolment, as well as within the terms and conditions in the annual Fees Letter, any student who is withdrawn from the School must have given a term’s notice to the School. If a parent withdraws their child with insufficient notice, they will be charged one term’s fees. The date that contact is made with the Headmaster regarding their students’ withdrawal is regarded as the official date of notice.

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